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I have both experienced and witnessed the transformative benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. It is the combination of these practices that have helped me to navigate challenges in my life. It is this experience that I wish to share with you.


Yoga in all its forms gives you an opportunity to slow down the mind, to deepen your breath and to start the process of releasing all that is difficult to let go.

As well as improving strength and flexibility, yoga is an opportunity to understand the intimate relationship between the body and mind. It teaches us to listen more carefully to our needs and to understand the nature of our thoughts. Yoga helps to release stress and tensions that is held in the body and gives us a sense of a renewal.

I teach both dynamic and restorative types of yoga and create bespoke programmes depending on the individual or group needs.

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Meditation brings about a sense of calm, in a world that can often make us feel pulled in every direction.

Through the practice, we develop a sense of perspective and clarity about our own behaviour, patterns and habits. It gives us the resources that we can draw on in times of difficultly, so we can respond more skilfully.

There is much scientific evidence now that shows the benefits of mediation in all aspects of your life. From coping with stress and anxiety, to managing depression and improving sleep, to developing focus and concentration and improving memory. Meditation helps to improve relationships with others and can help the process of healing past traumas.

As a qualified meditation teacher, I provide courses that can be uniquely tailored to you or your organisation, either in person or online.


Mindfulness teaches us how to bring more presence into our everyday experience and therefore enriching our lives more fully. 

Mindfulness is an inquiry into the inner workings of our mind and body, so that we can gain clarity in what we need to feel more contented in our lives.

I teach mindfulness and compassion courses to both individuals, groups or through the workplace. Each course is specifically tailored to your needs and ranges between 4 to 8 weeks. The course is structured to introduce the various techniques of mindfulness and their connection to psychology and neuroscience.

There are myriad of benefits for mindfulness, ranging from dealing with stress and living with illness or chronic pain; to building resilience and improving decision making; and enhancing focus, empathy and emotional intelligence. In today's current climate this is more important than ever. Without empathy there is division.


Mindfulness for Children

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf."
John Kabat-Zinn

As an experienced primary school teacher and an accredited mindfulness teacher for children, I offer bespoke support for parents who would like their children to experience the benefits of mindfulness.

There is much evidence now that shows mindfulness activities can improve the mentalemotionalsocial and physical health and well-being of young people. It has been shown to reduce stressanxietyreactivity and challenging behaviourimprove sleep and self esteem, and bring about a greater sense of calm and self awareness. If you are interested in learning more about how I can support you and your family, please get in touch.

“Mindfulness helps you to listen to other people, it helps you with your friends.”
Year 5 child Islington, London

“Mindfulness helps me to concentrate and it makes me feel good.”
Year 3 child Islington, London

Meditation teacher accredited by Traditional Yoga
Meditation teacher accredited by Traditional Yoga
500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified
500 hour Yoga Alliance Certified

Lorna offers resources guiding you in finding your unique pathway to deep healing, through an understanding of the mind body connection. With an emphasis on yoga, mediation and mindfulness, you will be supported in your journey of health and wellbeing.



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