Workplace Wellbeing

Forward thinking leaders are investing in and putting wellbeing at the heart of their organisations. When you invest and support in the mental and physical wellbeing of your staff, they become an integral part of your community and will want the company to thrive and grow.

A healthier happier workforce has more focus and concentration, are more productive and creative and are as less likely to be off due to stress or illness.

Investing in the wellbeing of yourself and your team is a powerful and rewarding way to unlock your company’s greatest potential.

I offer Taster Sessions, Workshops, 4 to 8 week Courses and Retreat Days. These sessions are holistically designed and science backed.

My aim is to empower organisations and individuals to communicate authentically, lead compassionately, build resilience, and boost inner connection and personal well-being.

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Introductory Sessions for Workplace Mindfulness

This is a great way to introduce mindfulness to your organisation to motivate teams to learn more about mindfulness and see mindfulness as a way to support them in their personal and work.

Tailored Made Workshops

I love to work with different businesses and organisations to create and deliver tailor made mindfulness packages, which are specifically designed with your business and employees needs in mind. Some examples are:

  • Mindfulness for Stress Reduction
  • Mindful Communication
  • Cultivating Self-Compassion for Building Resilience
  • Mindful Movement/Desk Yoga
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Relaxation Techniques
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Mindfulness in the Workplace Courses

These courses are specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs and range from 4 to 8 weeks. The sessions are designed to promote the progressive development of mindfulness skills and bring about lasting changes in the individual participants and in your organisation’s culture. The sessions explore the essential principles of mindfulness through a combination of guided meditation practices and discussion around the practical applications of mindfulness in everyday life and the workplace.

Retreat and Wellbeing Days

Together we can design the perfect wellbeing day or event for your employees. Integrating yoga, mindfulness and meditation, both theory and practice, for a holistic approach to support and improve your business. Investing in these sustainable skills will cultivate a culture of respect, collaboration, community and creativity.

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"Lorna is a very engaging and informative presenter who absolutely knows the subjects she is presenting. Her manner is relaxing, she is very well presented and makes you feel comfortable during the session. Everyone who attended Lorna’s sessions found them excellent, interesting and engaging.  The techniques taught were well received and are being used. Everyone gained something from each session. Being able to contact Lorna privately was a good option to discuss something out of the zoom environment. Lorna was so well received we have her booked for another block. Definitely worthwhile."

A Proctor Group Ltd, Blairgowrie, Scotland

Interested in Workplace Wellbeing?

Contact me to arrange a free 15 minute consultation to discuss how Workplace Wellbeing sessions can best support your business.

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