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Are you a busy professional looking to find a healthy work-life and wellbeing balance?

It is time to commit to your wellbeing. It is time to peel back the layers of your stress and anxiety so you can bring a sense of calm, resilience and joy into your day to day life.

When you believe there must be another way to feel, and you desire to explore the deeper aspects of yourself; an awareness ignites inside of you. This is where balance can be found.
Are you ready to move away from the overthinking mind to a more confident, contented and happier you?

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A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Stress and Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, irritability, feeling triggered... are messages from your body that something needs to change.

Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed, worried, exhausted, or are constantly triggered by the people around you. Or maybe your self-esteem and confidence are low and you are lacking in energy and motivation. Your family life is suffering as you feel constantly triggered and work is either unfulfilling or you feel colleagues aren't recognising your value and worth.

These are messages from your body that something needs to change, that perhaps it is time to find a new path, a new way of being…

The good news is there is another way to feel...

You can feel a sense of inner calm and maintain an unshakable belief in who you are and what you are capable of.

You can learn to tune into your intuition and take the steps you need to live a life on your terms.

You can let go of the suppressed emotions of the past and move with the ebbs and flows of life with more grace and ease.


Hi I'm Lorna, I'm a transformation embodiment coach and it is my mission to empower you to create a life that feels aligned to your whole being.

It's time to embrace your unique and radiant self. You that feels complete, resilient and aligned with your purpose in life. By conquering your mind, you will reconnect to your body and heart and live a life with more joy and ease; this is where your freedom lies. Don't waste any more time, money and energy. You can start living the life you want to live now. 

Let go of fear, let go of staying the same, let go of recycled thoughts and diminishing stories, let go of feeling not good enough...let go

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"I have experienced a range of teachers over the years, however, Lorna is by far one of the best I have found. She is knowledgeable, thorough, authentic, and very attentive. She has a way of instructing and guiding you through a practice enabling you to feel connected physically, emotionally and mentally.


It is through her method of integrating mind and body practices that I have felt the healing and transformational benefits of these practices. She is deeply passionate and committed to her work. She is the real deal,  I highly recommend her."


"Initially, when thinking about seeking support for my anxiety, I was hesitant as sometimes facing your emotions can be difficult. However, Lorna has a real gentle approach and her explanations of the science of these techniques really helped me a lot.


There is something about working on yourself this way, rather than through dialogue with a therapist that I really responded to.


I feel more confident with meditation and I have developed the tools to manage my anxiety. I now know how I can re-set my day, taking in the world in a more hopeful and positive way. Lorna is a fantastic mentor and coach and I really think everyone needs to do this programme."


"Lorna puts together a wonderful course, full of nourishing practices and wisdom that has greatly enhanced and added to my emotional and mental wellbeing."


"Lorna's course was brilliant. Lorna's weekly talks, along with her guided meditations, breathwork and yoga sessions, are accessible and engaging. I felt well supported in this deep dive into the art and science of mindfulness, and have come away better equipped in terms of the practice, but also to address my own anxieties and emotional well being. I highly recommend it!"


"Lorna's course is a wonderful mix of yoga, breathing, meditation and mindfulness delivered in such a calm, nurturing way. Looking at the 8 elements of mindfulness has helped me to work on my repetitive thought patterns which were causing anxiety. As a result of the whole course, I feel calmer and have regained self-confidence."

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